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Quiet Ocean

Dear harpists,

During this time, we enjoyed returning to the things we considered normal. At the National Opera where I work, we had beautiful rehearsals and performances, together with colleagues with whom we saw each other after so many months of isolation.

Unfortunately, I took a break from playing the harp, because I fell and fractured my left wrist. At the moment the hand is in plaster cast, and all I do is just with one hand.

Fortunately, I still have harp compositions and improvisations made last year during the pandemic.

In a way, I enjoy this break from work, but I would have preferred to be able to work with both hands, go to work, and compose and record new works on the harp.

Until then, I invite you to listen to "Quiet Ocean" every time you feel the need to meditate or simply take a break.

Warm greetings ❤️


P.S. As usual, there is also a score available for lever/pedal harp

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